timeline of a pandemic

With some hesitation, I am sharing this [edit: on March 16] astrological timeline of what I have come to understand as the signifiers of the worldwide pandemic we face today. For now it is offered without much commentary. For the dates in the past, you can see how they correlate with landmark moments of the viral spread of COVID-19. I’m not interested so much in the birth chart of the disease, which is probably not known, but in seeing how the planets moving forward will touch off the key degrees established by Eclipses and Lunations, etc.

Some of the upcoming transits of asteroids and centaurs align at the same time as known ‘warning signs’ such as Mars-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto, etc. For astrological overviews of the epidemic see: Astrobutterfly; Anthony Louis, who takes Evangeline Adams’ approach; and Alex Miller, whose work (via my friend at Astrokastalia) brought the importance of asteroid Koronis to my attention.

Now that President Trump has announced the obvious, that this won’t be over by summertime, I feel less wary of publishing this timeline which clearly indicates a continuation through July. I believe we deserve the most information as possible about this situation, including what the planets have to tell us of the cosmic timeline. The rubric for this timeline is the Mercury Retrograde cycle, from Pisces to Aquarius and now back to Pisces.

Therefore: [updated June 27, 2020]


The main centaurs involved are Chiron and Pholus, whose transits this year I’ve written about over at Astro.com. When Pholus conjoins the Lunar South Node, the theme of purging of consequences from the past seems prominent. Chariklo was a big factor in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, even lending herself as “guard of personal space” to our new-found state of universal quarantine following the very Saturn-Pluto situation. Centaur Okyrhoe indicates telling the truth at danger to oneself, and Nessus of working through poison toward redemption.

Expect news of innovation – or technocratic malfeasance – when signifier Koronis meets TNO Borasisi, which is an indicator of scientific progress, often at great cost.

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