A Book About Centaurs, Coming Soon

As you may have already heard (from me or my colleagues), we at the Centaur Space have been organizing a new publishing venture: Praesepe Press, to publish astrological books about the Centaurs. Our first book is entitled Sideways From Saturn, and is the first in a planned trilogy of Centaur studies called Chiron Continues. Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey (and To The Edge and Beyond, the first book to explore Pholus and Nessus in English), has contributed both the Introduction (on what she names the Centaur Worldview) and a superlative chapter on the astrology of Chariklo. She also devised the series title, based on the work of our shared muse, Erminie Lantero (prescient early author of centaurology, The Continuing Discovery of Chiron).

Our contributors, topics, and approaches are diverse: Sideways From Saturn includes new views on venerable Chiron, as well as his kin Chariklo and Okyrhoe, and compatriots Nessus, Pholus, and Asbolus. Thus, we will publish a Centaur Anthology comprising most of the Centaur planets in use by astrologers today.

Delving into the cycles of Chiron, Brian Clark and Priya Kale each propose higher meanings for the experiential quarters along Chiron’s 50-year healing journey, from the psychological and yogic viewpoints, respectively, while Hugh Smiley and Cameron Allen each shed light on “corners of Chiron’s cave” (to borrow Hugh’s image) with insights drawn from their own personal work with the healing Centaur guide – as astrologers also trained in therapy and herbalism.

Continuing on in their order of astronomical discovery, Pholus is narrated as both “agony and ecstasy” by Vicky Maloney, who offers personal experiences from her family history that this Centaur has helped her toward understanding, in a kind of astrological ancestral healing. Nessus, as catalyzer of the Hero’s Journey of Hercules (and of some unexpected case studies), is examined in mythological and astrological contexts by our resident Hellenist and co-editor, Jenny Kellogg. Asbolus forms the crux of an Aleutian report of volcanic ancestry, expertly told by newcomer AndreAnne Massa.

Melanie Reinhart introduces old friends of Chiron to his wife, Chariklo, who will at last receive the sensitive astrological depiction that she deserves on the printed page. That story is continued by Shellie Enteen, who writes about the nymph Centaur’s role in “holding space for transformation” as that is found personally, in relationships, and as exemplified by the Women’s Movement in history.

Anandita Simon summons a poetic evocation of a broader Nymph-awareness one may tune into while “Attending to Okyrhoe”, the daughter of Chiron and Chariklo. Then together we share an interlude in view of Okyrhoe’s recent transit to her own discovery place on the zodiac, a landmark moment in Centaur astrology; before I attempt a “Visionary Astrology of the Ecstatic Nymph Centaurs” with examples drawn from celebrated mystics.

Astrologer and gifted medium Bobbi Williams wraps up Sideways by allowing the Centaurs to speak directly through her, sharing with us intimate perspectives on what our newest astrological guides are here to assist us with.

Praesepe Press is thrilled to offer this exciting anthology in print and ebook, Volume 1 in the Chiron Continues series, coming soon in 2023. Pre-order here!

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