Centaur Spray

Centaur Protection Spray

Limited Edition: Only 7 Bottles Made

Our newest magical offering is a year in the making: very limited edition of 7 one ounce bottle of Centaur Protection Spray, featuring a decoction of usnea, an herb known for its healing properties. The lichen included in this Centaur Protection blend literally fell from the sky as I uttered the words “small cause, big effect” about Centaur Pholus – a giant, high branch hurtled to earth from our beloved tree. Pholus had hand-selected this usnea, it seems. The sequence of astrological magic and energy work infusion began:undefined

  • Decoction began as Chiron stationed retrograde in July of 2019, Okyrhoe sextile Pholus.
  • The strong herbal blend was opened in August 2019 when Jupiter stationed direct in Sagittarius. This I reserved for personal use, with one vial left over.
  • In Feb. 2020, as Moon trined Pholus, I created a new blend from this usnea essence.
  • Later that month, a super Pholus election when Moon and Mars met him at the Midheaven & I created a paper amulet.
  • Storing a rainbow of small tourmaline stones in a bottle with that amulet for a month. These gems were added to the diluted ambrosia blend on April 20 (Moon-Chiron conjunction) to create a gem elixir within the herbal blend.
  • During a once every 19-year New Moon conjunct Chiron’s Discovery Degree in Taurus (April 22) I channeled the Four Centaur Healing Energies into the elixir blend.
  • Finally, these single ounce doses of Centaur Spray were decanted on April 25 as the Moon applied to Venus at MC in sextile to Chiron.
NEW: Centaur Protection Spray

These unique Protection Sprays are intended to clear spaces, bless the body or meditation place, or as an offering to your favorite tranquil nature spot. They are not intended for internal use, though are pure, clean, and contain only water, 2% alcohol (brandy) and trace amounts of usnea. They are also not intended to treat or cure any disease. Centaur Protection Spray is meant to help you clarify your energy, cleanse your aura, collaborate with the Centaurs in your spiritual work, and elevate your environment. Spritz wherever healing is desired! One 1-ounce spray bottle (in red-blue blended glass): $36 incl. domestic shipping! SOLD OUT