**Pilgrimage Postponed ’til 2020! **


The Centaur Space is excited to announce we have teamed up with the healers and astrologers of Vitalist Healing Traditions and Amalthea Astrology to provide an amazing opportunity for travel and pilgrimage to the heart of the Centaur’s domain. Let’s catch up with Chiron, thousands of years since we last heard from him in recorded myth! Ascend Mt. Olympus, frolic with Centaurs and Nymphs on Mt Pelion, conspire with the Muses at Leivithra, ask the Oracle at Delphi…

Please join us on this healing journey to Greece, from September 6 -16, 2019. Travel, hike, swim, sail, and dine on the slopes of Mount Pelion with our team of guides who combine healing expertise in literary, nutritional, medical, and intuitive traditions to help you access the holistic wisdom of Ancient Greece, today.

Greek herbalism, medicine, story telling, and communicating with the spirit realms will foster a pilgrimage of initiation as we explore the sacred sites of Chiron and Orpheus together.