What is Healing

What do we mean by healing?

A spontaneous state characterized by release of tension in any of the bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, or spiritual). This release or catharsis allows the natural flow of spirit through these bodies.

You allow healing into your life when you let go of imbalancing influences. The sources of imbalance develop into dis-ease. The kind of healing we mean here is not the curing of disease in the conventional sense, but rather the invitation of positive conditions which cleanse the bodies and allow a higher state of vibration, flow, bliss, and joy. When we vibrate at these unencumbered states of being, health is felt.

Emotional health is a state of open tranquility devoid of bitterness, grudges, or feeling stuck in the past. This in itself is a lofty goal, and is the product of the path of maturity and not of any one moment of healing. What can help this along is feeling seen, heard, witnessed and supported. We consider subjective experience of ourselves to be real. By understanding that others exist in a state of subjectivity too, we open our hearts to those around us. Healing the emotional body is aided directly by healing the energetic flow between the centers of the physical body. The interconnection between the bodies can be actively cultivated.

One may feel healthy physically, be nourished and at rest, and still feel the need to release blockages in the energetic and emotional spheres of life.

The Centaur Guides each work at a different level of elemental reality.

Chiron exists between earth and fire

Chariklo exists between water and space

Pholus exists between earth and water

Okyrhoe exists between air and water


Chiron helps us heal our physical and emotional bodies, represented by the third and fourth energy centers of solar plexus and heart.

Pholus helps us heal the root connection to earth which links us back to our ancestral lineage. The water element (symbolized by his cask of ambrosia) contains vitality itself, and the earth core (symbolized by his cave) connects us to memories latent in our incarnational heritage.

Chariklo is what we perceive as a sexual healer. She opens the floodgates of the river of sensual release and self-love in a flow of blissful healing. Appearing to us as a nature sprite of the water element, it is her nature to feel sensuously.

Beyond the notions of original sin, shame or ‘the fall’, there is the original bliss of aliveness, a pre-cognitive delight in existing. Chariklo welcomes us into this realm with open arms. Only from our perspective do we normally consider this energy to be ‘sexual’.

(Note: there is no element of sexual contact involved in any Centaur services; the energetic level and creative imagination may register this healing flow.)

*Eros, vital essence, when in an extreme abundance relative to our ordinary levels of sensation, feels familiar to us through sexual bliss. Actually that bliss is mostly trapped by the ego (at the third energy center) below the navel in the sexual-emotional center*

Their daughter Okyrhoe is the swift river of inspiration itself. Her waters sparkle with wisdom and insight. By basking in her waters we can see directly the information we need for our evolution, both individually and collectively. She is the Oracle of truth, the speaker of the inconvenient, the way-shower of a path forward.

***Together the pairs of Centaur-Nymphs help us to excite, magnetize, and metabolize stuck energetic currents in the bodies. The clarified flow state available from these new currents of energy running through the bodies is itself the felt-sense of healing. It can result in an immediate state of presence in-the-bodies. Broadly speaking, synonyms for this state include groundedness, equilibrium, liberation, self-acceptance, and ecstasy.***

Multi-dimensional healing means that we do not see the full effect of any one event in any one sphere; it is the butterfly effect applied to the individual. Further, the element of time is open-ended, or no-ended. Lifted away from the habitual idea of time, the Centaurs travel beyond any notion of this dimension. Truly the time traveler’s friend, their wisdom comes from a liberated perspective outside of our mere four dimensions.

Why invest in David and his imaginary friends?

The handy thing about working with these guides is that their effects are tangible, at two levels. At the subjective level, it is very likely you will feel something energetically going on.

Even people who haven’t felt much in that dimension report real felt-sense experiences during healing sessions with Centaurs.

Secondly, in the objective language of astrology, we can observe direct correlations between timing of healing events (spiritual breakthrough, meeting key learning relationships, moments of actual healing) and the planets embodied by Centaur Guides in relationship to the natal chart of your birth.