Recent Magical Pursuits

Just a brief blog to update you, my dear readers, on my recent magical pursuits: namely, those that I undertook during the recent (historic!) Neptune conjunction with the Sun, or Neptune cazimi. This event of March 12-13 2022 dovetails with so many Pisces transits that are active this year. It also resonates with history: the Neptune return of Mother Mary’s apparition to Saint Bernadette at Lourdes; the Okyrhoe return of the centaur planet’s own discovery, and the semi-return of Chariklo to her centaur discovery location too.

The tangible fruit of a many stepped astrological process are talismans of both Neptune and Mother Mary that you can see here. I explain all the elected steps in that writeup – from the Jupiterian influx of the previous New Moon (and Jupiter cazimi) through the Moon’s movement into a trine with the Pisces planets, from Cancer. My own experience was one of honing in the highest essence of Neptune, as a source of so much divine grace and ethereal healing. It’s no wonder that such an energy gets maligned (sometimes rightfully) in astrological discussion, since it does not always complement “this modern life.” This cuts to the heart of why Centaurs are so valuable to work with too, as a high dose of Neptune can be an overwhelming experience, by transit or in a natal chart (take it from me, with an angular Neptune in a t-square with personal planets!). Centaurs like Pholus hold smaller vessels filled with the potent medicine, and that is why we can call upon him to solve the lost-in-sea feeling, for a sip at a time. Then, why create Neptune materia at all?

Just as spiritual work can be done incrementally, with chosen moments of respite, retreat, and tuning in to the transcendent realm, energy work can be approached wisely. A formative experience for me as a child was receiving energy work from a true master, who knew how to turn it up or down as she transmitted healing rays into my spiritual body. Likewise, sometimes we need to turn it up to “11”, and at others a steady drip at “3 or 4” can ameliorate our situation. Magical Neptune is not quite astrological Neptune; since the very nature of magic is one of learning to relate with greater forces intentionally. In these talismans, mediated by the grace of Mother Mary, we have an agreement to help the holder with Neptunian compassion and divine grace. Meditating with the talismans can provide an opportunity to mindfully tune in to the Oceanic without diving all in. Poseidon is a great lifeguard, actually.

The Mother Mary amulets (as blessed objects not directly of a Planet) relate us to the healing waters of the spring at Lourdes, that young Bernadette opened under the direction of the apparitional Mary (to the scornful view of hundreds of gathered neighbors, as she scraped through the mud, fully entranced by the Divine Mother’s instructions). Hold, carry, dream near, or carry with you when connection with the highest compassion in the Solar System is needed.

Stone offerings covered in a hazy snow, which fell during an auspicious astrological moment the day of.

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