The Saturn-Chiron Aspect of 2018

{Blog originally posted on Hominy Creek Horoscopy, 8/31/2018}

A long-term influence of the past year has been the Saturn-Chiron square, the “brick wall of reality” (as Steven Forrest calls Saturn) gnashing against our deepest insecurities. Not always fun! This aspect is moving on into the mists of memory after next week’s station of Saturn direct.
For the brave, this week can be the final reckoning with Saturn’s taciturn teachings. If we can look him square in the face as he shows us our limitations, father Saturn and son Chiron (the ‘inconvenient benefic’ who seeks to help us through hurtful, growing situations) can help us make leaps and bounds in our evolution (AKA maturity, growth process) this week.
Recently I woke from a dream that showed me how the essence of the Saturn-Chiron square is to see how the limitations of our parental & father figures are brought into our own patterning as designs for learning, the karma we chose to operationalize in our birth.
Thus it is not for the faint of heart, but these are the big ones, the ones that are painful to look at, the things we hate most in our inherited patterning that we have unconsciously absorbed.
This period has been a reset opportunity, a time to observe objectively for those able to remain still and centered enough to see self with neutrality.
If you would like help and counseling for this final Saturn-Chiron cardinal square, please let me know!
Readings of your natal situation in regards to these planets can be illuminating and healing, helping to release stuck patterns (i.e. wounds) and move into new ways of aware selfhood.

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