The future remains open, yours to create. Observing your transiting planets and astrological cycles, you are best able to live in harmony with the flow of time. As an astrologer I delight in helping you gain clarity about your path in the world, your relationships, and the ways you connect spiritually.

Working with the planets, including potent asteroids and Centaur guides, can help us understand the cycles and choices you are meeting in this life. Interpreting (and intuiting together) how these symbols flow through the astrological chart of your birth, we can address whatever issues are coming your way. Together, we can also work with those moments from the past that seek realignment and healing.

Readings: $120-$160 sliding scale per reading (which are approx. 60-75 mins).

If you have a PayPal account, you may enter a custom amount for a reading at this link, or Venmo: @centaurseer

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Now offering a Combination Healing Package that includes:

1. Reading for astrological perspective: How the Centaurs work for you.

2. Personal Centaur AttunementGet Attuned to Centauric Energies

3. HealingReceive the Centaurs’ energy channeled for you in a personal healing session

This Three-Hour Session combination is available in person or Zoom for $295.

More Readings Offered:

Relationship Readings: Getting in tune with your energy field as it merges with another, seen astrologically through Synastry and Composite charts. Extra attention paid to the love asteroids and Centaur harmony for a detailed look at inter-dynamics. These fun readings often provide a reassuring perspective into established relationships, and excitement for the potential of those just beginning.

Astro-healing services utilize channeled energetic techniques to clear emotional residue contained within the subtle body, specific to your natal planetary patterning. This may be accomplished during one session, or over the course of a series of readings together.

Dream Archaeology ReadingsEmploying a unique method, we can dig deeper into cherished moments of dream realizations from your past. Cleaning off the sands of time by means of looking at the Centaur planets in a special type of chart reveals the symbolic order behind the inspiring events that catalyze our spiritual growth.