Limited Edition Centaur Magical Items

Chiron in Pisces Amulet

I create unique planetary magic amulets and talismans that hold the energy of Centaurs Chiron, Chariklo, Pholus, and Okyrhoe, (and now the Constellation Centaurus too) that can be selected based on your natal alignment and need. Take home a strong dose of their wise healing power with these amulets minted during strong planetary aspects to the Centaur as it either rose or culminated in the sky.

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Amulets act like proverbial telephones to the gods! Different from traditional talismans, which are intended to balance out a planet’s energy-level in the birth chart, Chiron Amulets call in help from the great astral balancer himself.

Each amulet comes with an invocation you may intone when the centaur planet rises or culminates, in order to attune the amulet for you! Happy to help find the right time for you.

Okyrhoe Palmstones

As a complimentary service I can to match you with the amulet that is most aligned with your natal chart – just contact me with your pre-order. Additionally, when selecting an amulet for purchase please contact us with your address and specific amulet request – either by email or through the PayPal form.

Testimonials from Centaur Amulet Holders:

“This is potent magic and healing, and I thank you for bringing it into the world! Like the best astro-magic I’ve worked with, the talisman brought forth potent healing energies by activating, and making articulate and available, the channels for love that were already present in my life. [Astrological synchronicities are neat, but] the experience of healing brought just by the talisman’s presence and prompting has been nothing short of transformational!”

“It arrived!! I can feel its energy. As I took the amulet out of the bag I had to breathe with the energy.”

“I have spent a little time with [the Centaur amulet: I feel a softer misty energy that is lovely, also a stronger jubilant presence that is supportive. You are gifted in this [work]!”

“I’ve been having some breakthroughs with the Centaur amulet. It made me feel intense kundalini energy and I’ve had a vision of my work in this world.”