To learn more about the astrology of the Centaurs please visit these links:

Here is an Ephemeris for Centaur planets Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, Chariklo, and Okyrhoe from 1977-2037 monthly steps, generated at 5 Centaur Ephem 1977-2037

Planets of Grace, a meditation on the ‘birth charts’ of some Centaurs, a project of Robert van Heeren, whose plots of Centaur cycles show how these erratic orbits interact with one another.
Nick Anthony Fiorenza
Eric Francis Coppolino
Steven Forrest
Phil Sedgwick
Barbara Hand Clow
Melanie Reinhart
Richard Nolle
Dieter Koch
Martin Lass
Demetra George
Martha Lang-Wescott