Okyrhoe Amulets

New Great Conjunction Amulets combine the energy of Okyrhoe (in Pisces) with Pholus (in Capricorn) as their planetary rulers (Jupiter and Saturn) conjoined in Aquarius on December 19, 2020 (9:35AM ET). The Great Conjunction of 2020 in the first degree of Aquarius returned the time-keeping planets to their place of meeting 800 years ago, beginning an Age of Air anew. As you can read more about here, this alignment related multi-dimensionally to the Centaurs, as that first degree of Aquarius is the home of the points called Nodes for Chariklo (the mother of Okyrhoe) and Pholus both.

Limited Edition Okyrhoe-Pholus Great Conjunction Aquarian Amulets

These centaurs help us access our mantic wisdom, understanding signs and divination. Okyrhoe’s orbit between Jupiter and Saturn makes her just the person to seek guidance from in times like these. What does the Great Conjunction portend? It is her duty to know, and offer the nectar of that knowledge to us as inspiration. Saturn as time is lord of Fate, while Jupiter as spirit is lord of Grace, or release from fate. The wisdom of these times is made most approachable by Okyrhoe: she governs divine visions that take place within space and time, the Jupiter within the Saturn.

These special amulets are an extremely limited edition (3 available) that can not be recreated. As the Moon conjoined Okyrhoe, casting a positive aspect upon Pholus (during the peak of these two oracular centaurs’ sextile phase), their rulers Jupiter and Saturn rose on the horizon in Aquarius. While this is an unconventional use of lunar aspects (since the Moon does not aspect Saturn-Jupiter, but Okyrhoe) the Centaurs kept approving this decision in the lead-up to the date. You see, Okyrhoe was conjunct the star Fomalhaut, which in stellar lore receives the waters from the vessel poured by Aquarius. So as a kind of hand-off between ages, the Moon combining with Fomalhaut in Pisces weaves the stars into the changing archetypes. This is a unique Okyrhoe Amulet, which features the design of a nymph, an Aquarius image, glyphs for Okyrhoe (Omega) and Pholus (Phi) and as well the Tibetan Mewa (magic square) of Saturn. The swirly blue clay was mixed on the prior Aquarian Moon.

Two full designs available: $50 includes ship. One design excludes the Saturn square, $40 includes ship. Please contact me to order!

Chart for December 19, 2020 (9:35AM ET) Amherst MA

Omega-Pisces Oracular Amulets

These unique amulets were cast at a special time for Okyrhoe, when, following her transit of the heart of the Sun (known as a cazimi), the New Moon formed nearby. Clay of watery colors was mixed during the Cazimi, and when the Moon rose in Pisces with the Oracle Okyrhoe on February 23, 2020, I created these limited Omega amulets. An elevated piece of Oracular power, imprinted with the Greek letter Omega (the first letter of Okyrhoe). Invoke the Muses and attain clearer Vision. *Only $20 including shipping!*

*$20 incl. domestic shipping*