Okyrhoe Amulets

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Okyrhoe-Nessus Amulets

Our new series of amulets connect us with Oracular Goddess Okyrhoe, daughter of Chiron and Chariklo. The watery muse of psychic clarity and healing has just began a new astrological cycle with Nessus, centaur of purification. Together their union in the sky (which continued through all of 2021) is a rare opportunity for opening our awareness to heal emotional wounds. These amulets carry a blissful energy and are powerful tools for energetic alchemy. As the focal point for this magical election, Okyrhoe inhabited the inspiring degree of the zodiac symbolized by “A river of images and ideas entering our reality.”

Appearing like planetary spheres of the Centaur’s realm, these began to take shape under the exact Okyrhoe-Nessus synod, when I mixed the materials into the cosmic swirls of color. Then I shaped the orbs and teardrops when Moon conjoined the centaurs in Pisces. Eighteen amulets were made when the Cancer Moon rose in trine to these centaurs at the Midheaven. Three lovely amulet varieties are available: one series of pendants features impressions of a Nymph astride a cantering Centaur; another is sealed with a gold-plated Omega (the first Greek letter of Okyrhoe); and 5 special Large Centaur Orbs have both the Omega and Centaur impression.

  • Okyrhoe Omega Pendant (teardrop, remaining 2 are set ‘high’ in the pendant, reduced): $60
  • Okyrhoe Omega Pendant (round): 1 remaining, $80
  • Large Centaur Planetary Orbs: 3 remaining, $120 (all prices include domestic US shipping)

Contact me to specify which amulet you’d like to order – if there is a particular one that calls out to you!

Remaining Okyrhoe-Nessus Amulets pictured:

Chart of April 18, 2021 10:10 AM Amherst, MA

Great Conjunction Okyrhoe-Pholus Amulets

New Great Conjunction Amulets combine the energy of Okyrhoe (in Pisces) with Pholus (in Capricorn) as their planetary rulers (Jupiter and Saturn) conjoined in Aquarius on December 19, 2020 (9:35AM ET). The Great Conjunction of 2020 in the first degree of Aquarius returned the time-keeping planets to their place of meeting 800 years ago, beginning an Age of Air anew. As you can read more about here, this alignment related multi-dimensionally to the Centaurs, as that first degree of Aquarius is the home of the points called Nodes for Chariklo (the mother of Okyrhoe) and Pholus both. These are sold out 🙂

Chart for December 19, 2020 (9:35AM ET) Amherst MA