Pholus Amulets

Heroic Ambrosia: Pholus-Dionysos Talismans Now Available!

Many months later, a new Pholus talismanic series is here! Concluding a process that began with the Pholus Full Moon of July 24, 2021, this series combines blueberries (harvested and decocted into wine and burned to ash) with our signature cosmic swirl of energetically empowered clay. The image is a portrait of Dionysos (Bacchus), God of Wine, who provided Centaur Pholus with the ambrosial wine that was his treasure to guard. Golden Phi letters, from the first Greek letter of Pholus’ name and also the Golden Mean), adorn the wearable pendant talismans in this series. Each pendant is set into brass, enclosing an amount of blueberry ash behind it, and anointed with a drop of dried blueberry wine.

Blueberries picked on the Full Moon conjunct the Centaur planet Pholus were juiced on the Pisces Full Moon, when an ancient bronze coin featuring Dionysos on the front and Chiron on the back was also cast into a clay mold for this talisman. In between, when the Moon conjoined Pholus as the Centaur stationed direct from a long retrograde, the clay colors were mixed and swirled and first attuned with the Oracular Centaur’s healing energy. Then, on November 7, 2021, as the Moon and Venus both applied to conjoin and illuminate Pholus in the sky, the remaining blueberry fruit was offered in a ceremonial Pholus fire and burned to an ash. Later that night under the same planetary array, the clay was cut and shaped into the forms that would become the talismans. The talismans themselves were cast on November 12, between 9:57-10:32AM EST, as the Pisces Moon sextiled Pholus and Venus rising in Capricorn. Finally, the completed impressions were set against the ash in their brass enclosures when Pholus ascended to the Midheaven, as Moon still cast a sextile to its exaltation lord Venus next to Pholus. (Asteroid Dionysus, in late Cancer, formed a broad trine with the Pisces Moon, too).

I am pleased to offer three varieties:

  • “Coin” talisman of Pholus with image of Dionysos, and impression of a wine jug on reverse, dabbed with blueberry nectar, which can be ‘smudged in’ by the holder for consecration – 5 available: $50 incl. domestic US ship
  • Pholus Round Talismans with gold-plated Phi – 5 available: $80 incl. domestic US ship
  • Pholus-Dionysos talismans with both the Dionysos portrait and golden Phi inlay. Also dabbed with blueberry nectar which can be ‘smudged in’ by the holder for consecration – 5 available; 1 with Phi imprint in clay: $100 incl. domestic US ship. (These are larger, between 16-20 grams; make great altar or pouch pieces too.)

Pholus gives us the power to shift energy and see clearly. He is a guide to those who wish to heal ourselves, our ancestors, our earth, our sense of safe grounding, and explore the centaur’s dreamworld of dynamic healing. Anyone engaged in the mantic arts of divination, tarot, dream interpretation, and astrology will enjoy attuning with this oracular centaur, too.

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Chart of the Pholus Heroic Ambrosia Talisman series 9:57 AM EST November 12, 2021 Montague, MA

Oracular Potency: Pholus

These disc amulets feature Phi, the Greek letter beginning Pholus’ name. The wine-colored clay was mixed as Pholus rose on the ascendant. In the morning when Venus and Uranus were rising in Taurus and making a positive angle to the Virgo Moon and Capricorn Pholus, (creating a grand earth trine), this special series was made. The amulet’s clay contains powdered pyrite and black tourmaline for electromagnetic zing. The letter Phi is gold plated. These are intended to increase one’s oracular potency in service of ancestral healing. Sold out – check back for more Pholus amulets!