Pholus Amulets

Oracular Potency: Pholus

These disc amulets feature Phi, the Greek letter beginning Pholus’ name. The wine-colored clay was mixed as Pholus rose on the ascendant. In the morning when Venus and Uranus were rising in Taurus and making a positive angle to the Virgo Moon and Capricorn Pholus, (creating a grand earth trine), this special series was made. The amulet’s clay contains powdered pyrite and black tourmaline for electromagnetic zing. The letter Phi is gold plated (two are rose-gold plated). These are intended to increase one’s oracular potency in service of ancestral healing: it’s what Pholus does!

*Pholus Amulet: $75 including shipping

Pholus Gold-Plated Phi Round Amulets: $75 (3 available)
Chart of March 8, 2020 8:50 AM EDT, Massachusetts