The Centaur Space

Welcome to the Centaur Space. Immerse yourself in the world of Healing with Centaurs, an original method we teach to communicate with the astrological influences that affect us all. Participants in this meditative practice can be attuned to the Centaurs directly, feeling healing energy and receiving insight both personal and planetary from these master guides of humanity. Chiron and kin are more than just symbols on a birth chart: they are ready to be called upon to offer guidance at all levels of our lives. img_0154

David Leskowitz leads group events which tune into cosmic cycles with the Centaurs as our guides. He also offers individual healing sessions and astrological consulting services in Asheville, North Carolina. He has created unique amulets at specified astrological times in accordance with the laws of astral magic.  These imprinted objects can help you call in the Centaurs at will.


  • Chiron Okyrhoe Aesclepiusin myth they are guides, wisdom-keepers, and nature spirits
  • in physical reality they are planetary visitors to our solar system, orbiting our Sun in eccentric paths that bridge the inner and outer planets
  • in symbol they are the bridge from cosmic consciousness into the Earth dimension
  • in natal charts they are our superpowers, ways of genius, abilities to transcend and synthesize, showing our individual path
  • in practice they appear when needed, when invoked, when called for by human events, balancing our relationship to the elementals with wisdom and grace.

May Chiron, Chariklo, Okyrhoe, and Pholus guide us to healing, grace, vision, and catharsis in these challenging times.