Chariklo Amulets

All of our Chariklo amulets combine the art of electional astrology with the skill of Centaur energy magic to create objects to support your own healing. As a healing nymph Goddess, Chariklo offers us access to our subtle bodies, emotional cleansing, and sensual embodiment. Daughter of Apollo and consort of Chiron, she stands alone as the largest centaur planet and Queen of the Centaur Realm. All Centaur Amulets share the intention of connecting you with that centaur’s energy and grace. While their expression can vary by sign, mostly we advise choosing one based on its resonance with you and your chart. Any questions, please ask!

Aquarian Chariklo Amulets

Introducing our first series of amulets made to transmit the energy of Chariklo in her new sign of Aquarius. What makes this moment in astrology extra special is that the first degree of Aquarius, where she transited at the time these amulets were created, is also where Chariklo has her own North Node – the place where her own orbit intersects the zodiac (ecliptic). Thus it is a power-spot degree on the zodiac for this Centaur of grace. Each of these limited-edition amulets have an Aquarius sign impression on the back. On the front they are marked by the Greek letter Chi (X), and a floral image that signifies her discovery degree symbol: “A man’s astral body travels into the sky to see the stars more closely.”

These were elected for just after her Aquarian ingress, at her North Node, when benefic Venus also applied to conjoin her. Rising together in Aquarius, these received a supportive aspect from the Libra Moon. Luna had just trined its own ruler Venus, and translated that light to an exact trine aspect with Chariklo. It is a classic beneficial electional factor when the ruler of the Moon (in addition to the Moon itself) applies to the planet that is the focus of a talisman. The ruler of the Ascendant, also very important in talismanic elections, was rising with Chariklo: Saturn in Aquarius provides strong grounding for Chariklo’s etheric energy. A solid and rare election for a beautiful amulet.

Chariklo in Aquarius Clay Coin Amulets

One design remaining, in celestial silver. The silver sparkles iridescent with pink stripes, and the blue has a carefully crafted sparkling swirl; each clay was mixed on the first Aquarius Moon of the Great Conjunction period, and the silver clay was sliced on the Chariklo cazimi prior to this election. Created on February 1, 2021 at 6:30-6:43 AM ET, MA.

Only one left!

A cosmic love blast and trusted healing guide, intended for energy workers, therapists, psychic healers, dancers, lovers, astral travelers, and of course, astrologers. To order, please complete payment through the button above and then contact me with your address, and with any questions about which amulet is the best match for you!

Chariklo Cazimi gems (inscribed flourite, blue lace agate, and blue kyanite) are set in clay to be worn on a necklace. This election was special, with Moon in a trine to the Cazimi (the Centaur in the heart of the Sun) from the auspicious 11th House. Better yet, the ruling planet of the first house (which symbolizes the bearer of the talisman) is an exalted Venus in Pisces, in the 5th House of love. These planets support Chariklo in her mission to send us cosmic love, which here is grounded through the Immum Coeli, the root angle of the astrology chart where we find Chariklo. A healing gem! $25 including domestic US shipping. All sold.