Magic Pixie Dreamer

O Urania, Heavenly One,
Goddess of the Stars.
Daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne
Protector of Knowledge.

The Centaur Space has teamed up with visionary artist Abigail Soltis for a talismanic series as rare as the astrological events that inspired it! This year found the Centaur of vision, Okyrhoe, back at her place of discovery in late Pisces: her own Okyrhoe Return. Twenty-four years ago, when found by astronomers, she was conjunct Jupiter. They conjoin once again against the backdrop of Pegasus, at 21°-22° Pisces on the tropical zodiac. A Centaur with its ruling planet, and so near to Neptune. In this cycle she also met Urania, Muse of Astronomy and Astrology, in her asteroid form! This stellium of wise starry beings at so potent a zodiacal place provided us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the Magic Pixie Dreamer offerings. These are intended for anyone who wants to cultivate a relationship with the celestial beings who have inspired Astrologers and Astronomers for millennia.

At the crux of this talismanic series is The Muse and Her Nymph, a brilliant painting channeled onto canvas by Abigail Soltis at the time of this alignment, as the Pisces Moon conjoined the trio of visionary planets! Within a brief two-hour window built around the apex of these four planets at the Midheaven, the entire painting was created during the time of Cancer’s ascension, highlighting the Moon’s application to the Nymph and Muse in the sky.

“This piece was a culmination of the beautiful energies aligned that day. The expansive caress of Jupiter holding the Muse herself, Urania, and the oracle nymph, Okyrhoe. Throughout the creation of the piece, I let myself roam free on the canvas. I had an idea of what to paint, yet was uncertain how to ground it physically. In true Urania fashion, my techniques were shown to me that day. They came from outside me and led me to believe that talent may be born with effort. The energies of Okyrhoe supported me in every way. She allowed me to paint without perfectionism. Like Urania in this piece, I intended to hand out healing and inspire the viewer to reach for the stars. If we reach high enough, we may find the Muse herself reaching back.”

Abigail Soltis
Astrological Election of March 30, 2022 11:30AM EDT, Connecticut USA

Creating in parallel and within the same electional window, David painted Greek calligraphy of the Muse’s name: OURANIA. These calligraphies are affixed to the fine art prints to ensure a live energetic connection with the talismanic moment. There are only a limited number of prints that can be embellished with this realtime element (including all offered here).

The magical potential of this union of Muse and Nymph goddesses may inspire all who wish deeper communion with the secrets of the stars. Indulge in cosmic mystery and imbue your astrological education with devotion to the Muse of the Stars, magnified by the clarity of Chiron’s daughter Okyrhoe.

Fourteen fine art prints of the Muse and her Nymph painting were made under the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune (adjacent to Okyrhoe’s discovery degree of 24°-25° Pisces) on April 11, 2022, by PivotMedia, and later adorned by the Ourania calligraphy as the Moon trined Urania; prints cut as Urania reached the Midheaven the next day. All prints have been signed by the artist.

March 29, 2022: Jupiter-Urania-Okyrhoe within the same degree.

A very limited batch of Clay Talismans were created by David of the Centaur Space the day before the painting, as Okyrhoe and Jupiter were exactly conjunct Urania, and at the Midheaven (March 29, 2022, 11:30 AM). The colors of the clay were mixed during Moon’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces the month before. The talismanic image of Okyrhoe comes from a vintage printer’s block art of a Nymph floating on a delicate leaf.

Adding the dimension of fragrance to this magical portfolio, David blended herbs sacred to the Muses, Nymphs, and Luminaries for our first-ever incense offering. As Moon applied to Jupiter, in the planetary hour of Jupiter, (and just before it illuminated Nymph and Muse asteroids): Rosemary (of Minerva and the Muses), Mugwort (of Luna and Okyrhoe), St John’s Wort (of the Sun), and Agrimony (of Jupiter) were ground and blended together into the herbal offering for Magic Pixie Dreamer.

Rosemary is connected with Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom. The Muses and Minerva are deeply connected (see The Metamorphoses, for example).

The organic Mugwort used in this blend was picked from a location sacred to the Dakini, a feminine wisdom being that combines qualities of Muse, Nymph, and Goddess. David harvested this herb during the hour and day of Jupiter, although the herb is traditionally given to the Moon (as Artemis, artemesia) – a synchronicity that blends perfectly with this highly Jupiterian election.

Each 1/2 oz. glass vial of Scent of the Muse is sealed with a talismanic image of the Nymph, stamped at the same time as the painting and calligraphy. (All incense to be burned by adults only, and all proper safety precautions and ventilation are your responsibility.) Finally, these vials were filled the day of Okyrhoe’s Return (May 9, 2022) during Jupiter’s Hour in his last minutes of Pisces.

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