Chiron Amulets

Our Chiron sets are sold out – but please refer to Centaurus Talismans for potent Chiron healing!

Chiron-Saturn Harmonizing Amulets

New Chiron in Aries amulets intended to help us balance energetic grounding and walking our healing path on Earth. These limited-edition pieces were made on the date of the Great Conjunction of 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn formed a positive aspect to their brother and son the healing Centaur. The waxing Moon shined on Chiron at the Midheaven, alongside a very strong and dignified Mars in its sign and term. This is a powerful amulet with an election intended to empower the holder to access grounded wisdom in these times of upheaval. The design features the Centaur Chiron with a special Saturn Square from the Tibetan tradition, called a Mewa. This shows a common thread between international schools of magic, featuring the very same numerical square as used in the “Western” magical traditions, inscribed here in Tibetan numerals (with an outer boundary of the 8 Bagua of Daoist origins, intended to harmonize all birth years). The Greek Letter Chi (X) marks all of these as Chiron amulets. These have all found their homes!

Chart of December 21, 2020 (6PM ET) Chiron at MC

Chiron Pisces/Moon in Cancer: Dream Healer

A special bunch of Chiron amulets from his last moments in Pisces, highlighting the spiritual healing potential of this final sign. These receive a powerful boost of lunar energy from the Moon’s power-spot in Cancer. Cast 2/16/19 2:30PM, when Chiron was at the Midheaven while the Moon rose in its domicile.

Chiron Cazimi Aries: Heart of the Warrior

These red Chiron amulets were cast in the moments when Chiron in Aries culminated, as the post-equinox Sun ensconced the healer in its fiery rays (in an hour of the Sun). The chart-ruling Moon conjoins auspicious fixed star Spica and trines its dispositor Venus. All have found their homes!

Chiron-Mercury: Hermetic Healing

In this Chiron-Mercury magical election (4/19/19, 5:43AM), the Moon reached its fullness as Mercury, star of Hermes, flew past Chiron in the early degrees of the Zodiac. It was a power-packed time that we savored with an evening of Centaur invocation as the Moon rose. In the early morning hours, Mercury-Chiron rose together just before the lunation peaked. The Sun and Moon aligned by whole-sign to Chiron; even better, the Luminaries were exactly aligned to the North and South Heliocentric Nodes of Chiron. Two points of Chiron’s path, as he cuts across the ecliptic on his orbit, illuminated by a Full Moon. These amulets were born on a rare portal of planetary energy. Our election for this amulet features Mercury-Chiron rising in Aries, with ruling planet Mars in mutual reception in Gemini. Pholus landed exactly on the Midheaven. Great for anyone with challenging Mercury aspects in their chart, or who seeks deeper knowledge of healing wisdom. SOLD OUT

The First Centaur Amulet

We created these amulets to draw in the healing energies of the four Centaur Guides: Chiron, Chariklo, Pholus, and Okyrhoe. The timing was elected in accordance with traditional astrological magic, adapted for use with the Centaur Planets. With our method of centaur invocation and meditation, these are imbued with a ray of energy from each Centaur. Amulets may assist with meditation and connection to these planetary guides. Only 8 were created within the time of one degree’s rise (no longer available).

  • Chiron leads us to healing through difficult soul-learning situations
  • Chariklo aids us in clearing the energy body
  • Okyrhoe grants visions and clear dreams
  • Pholus helps us understand omens as we work on ancestral healing.

Sparkly fired red clay amulets stamped from a Venetian glass intaglio depicting Chiron holding baby Aesclepius. These are intended to assist the bearer with dreamwork, healing practice, and psychic protection, as well as a general astrological talisman for anyone working with transits of Chiron. Keep in your pocket, on a shrine, or by your bedside. And, since the Centaurs help us bridge influences of outer planets, these amulets can be helpful for anyone going through challenging transits of Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto.

As recounted by Ovid, we can imagine the scene unfolding like it is written in Metamorphoses, 2. 636–675. The Centaur’s daughter Okyrhoe “prophesied fate’s dark secrets. In the mystic mood of prophecy, when hidden in her heart the heavenly fervor glowed” she foretold the futures of Aesclepius and Chiron.

Features of 4 Centaur Amulet’s Astrological Election:

  • Chiron rising in last degrees of Pisces
  • Moon applying to Okyrhoe-Vesta
  • Sun applying to Chariklo on 11th house cusp
  • Chiron-Pholus in paran relation (paranatellonta, one planet rising as another culminates)
  • All Planets Direct (Uranus Stationary Direct)
1.8.19 election