Learn a new way of connecting to the healing energies of the astrological Centaur guides. This method opens us to healing clarity, for ourselves and the Earth. We generate an abundance of positive energy that can be offered to ourselves and all in need. Astrology comes alive as we open our hearts to the blessings of these wise helpers who travel the solar system with us. Centaur Attunements are offered from Level I-III. Level I introduces you to the energy of the 4 Healing Centaurs. Level II brings you into a healing communion with the Centaurs, and is briefly introduced as the final portion of each Group Centaur Attunement. Level III allows you to channel Centaur healing energies through your own hands to heal yourself and others.

Upcoming Event: Scorpio Season Centaur Attunement

We will be hosting our next online group Centaur Attunement on Friday, November 15, 7:00PM EST. Ride the watery waves of the Scorpio Sun in harmony with a Moon in Cancer to easily commune with the energies of our Centaurs Chiron, Chariklo, Pholus and Okyrhoe. Learn to work with these Guides of deep emotional healing, in preparation for the big transformational Capricorn stellium of 2020, Saturn-Pluto-Chariklo (with Mercury, Ceres, and Venus). Cost is $40 per participant.

The Centaur Attunement process aligns us with the energies of these cosmic visitors, in the style of ancient approaches to astral magic and prayer. Receive the skills of Chiron, Chariklo, Okyrhoe, and Pholus as each attune us to their own band of healing light. After this unique attunement, either individually or in a group, you may work with these healers throughout your life and self-practice. There are three levels of Centaur Attunement available.

The Centaur Attunement includes guided meditations, mythological odes, and incantations in a setting of spiritual awareness. Each session is keyed to the present alignment of planets affecting life on Earth. In a group attunement, participants may choose to anchor the energy of an astrological planet for the session. Healing comes through a visualization process that attunes each participant with the four centaurs.

Past participants have reported strong experiences of connection to these blissful beings in the moment of the ceremony, followed by personal breakthroughs, oracular insights, and powerful dreams. Others feel a sense of peaceful awareness and connection to cosmic energies in a new way.

Testimonial from a recent attunement:

“My experience these last couple of days has been wonderful! I feel like a harmonization has taken place in my psyche and wow, these centaur energies are powerful! It’s like I’m very tuned in to myself and coming up with new ideas. I’m profoundly grateful for all your beautiful work! It’s made the difference.” – Maya in Mexico City

Individual Centaur Attunements: live or online

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A personalized 45 minute session in which you will receive the energy attunement of the Four Centaurs, and the tools to continue to work with them. $75; Levels I-III available individually.

You may join us by contacting us and clicking the payment button below to reserve a spot! Details for joining the Zoom will be sent upon receipt.