Chiron-centric Horoscopes give you a personalized view into the times ahead based on your own Chiron sign.

  • Overview of Centaur transits 2018-2020 [Hello! it’s 2021! I haven’t updated these yet :/ ]


Your Kairoscope by Chiron sign:

Don’t know your sign? I’ve included a short Chiron Ephemeris to locate your sign at the end of this page.

The Kairoscope is a guide to inner vibes, not a how-to for hard data. Observing the shifting tides made by Centaurs through the signs, we can tune into what the Earth’s guidance system is receiving. Listening can provide us with unexpected alignment. Chiron as our lead scout can help orchestrate and manage the signals we pick up from his cohort; hence, the Chiron-centric horoscopes below!

2018-2020’s Centaur Scene: An Overview

The essential Centauric astro-weather for mid-2018 remains quite constant, since these planets trot slowly along their courses. First set against the summer’s red glow of Mars Retrograde, a slow and steady aspect of power is formed with Chiron in Aries, urging us to settle into the uncomfortable truth and call forth inner fortitude for the journey. These are indeed unusual times, and Peaceful Warriors are welcome.

The major Centauric aspect of 2018 is a steady square between Chiron and Saturn in cardinal signs. This aspect between a cosmic son and his father is a reckoning, a showing of limits and how they help or hinder our way. Chiron square Saturn is a period of preparation for the Saturn-Pluto synod of 2020, when Chariklo will take the reins from her man. With Chiron in Aries, the urge to transcend boundaries is strong, and possibly motivated by the desire for truth and knowing.

Yet with Saturn in his own sign strongly blocking any frivolous movement, we may receive strong feedback from our environment about how these quest-ward stepsland. That is, what the world has to say in response might be equally truthy as our own. This aspect has been in play for a while now, and reaches its crescendo in early September with Saturn’s station direct as the two hard-headed planets remain nearly square. Then Chiron moves back into Pisces and the cardinal square separates, leaving us with a lifetime’s material to put into practice.

(For the five month period beginning 9/26/18 through 2/18/19, Chiron’s return to Pisces will allow the Centauric Commander in all of us to retreat back into the depths for some deep spiritual healing.)

2018’s transitions marked by a trio of Eclipses opened gates for new ways, but these things also take time. The first Solar eclipse opposed Chariklo, then a Lunar reset highlighted the portals of discovery of Chiron and Chariklo. This lunation locked in with the Mars-Uranus firepower square. The third, a Solar eclipse, opposed Okyrhoe. Each member of the Centaur’s kin stood guard over one of these potent gates, offering us their particular sort of lantern to help us find our way.

Okyrhoe is in Aquarius along with the South Node and Mars (2018), giving us sight of aggressive tendencies (in emotional or human form) from the past that may be released. At 20 Aquarius, “Across darkening waters a bird carries a sealed letter in its beak.”

Pholus returned to Sagittarius for the rest of ’18, reminiscing about his long sojourn across the Galactic Center during 2016-2017. A Centaur among Centaurs, Pholus in mutable Fire kindles inner questing, especially if we have gleaned universal imaginings from his Galactic journey. This retrograde moment allows us time to polish the philosophical gems we have mined from this Core, before Pholus returns to Capricorn where his demands will be of a more concrete nature through 2019.

Chariklo in Capricorn is standing her ground on sacred soil: mid-Capricorn will host the convocation of 2019-2020, where we will see a changing of the guard. In early 2020, Saturn and Pluto will cross paths before joining Chariklo. In the rays of the Sun with Mercury, whatever this augurs will be hard to ignore. (Jupiter will be at the lunar South Node in Capricorn then too, feeling much like a divine parent coming back to check on us). Chariklo is here a sterling silver lining, offering us the way forward to closure of one cycle, to healing.

Nessus in Pisces, at 9° “A pale naked man on a horse journeying through the forest.” Swimming in the same oceanic waters as Neptune and double-edged Borasisi, these can be confusing to navigate. The Universal Solvent is present, letting us dissolve what we wish to drop. Yet there can be danger of getting too soggy. Here, the Centaur at his redeemed and helpful best, may prove to be the lifeguard in this picture. At least he offers us a magic mirror to help us see our shadows and dry off when we come to shore.


Cat on Shoulder

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Chiron in Aries: If you were born in the late 60’s through 1976, you likely came in through a window of the Centaur in Aries, where we find Chiron now, returned to the place of leadership in the sky. Having thus completed or approaching the completion of your Chiron Return, you reach a cusp of maturity in the world. If you have been open to the Healer’s whispers, you may have taken life’s in-built suffering as a path to a more open heart. Yet, since much of our society’s currents push us in the way of closing-over our wounds, this may instead be the prescription for the later part of your life as a wounded healer. The shine of humble understanding can gleam from wizened eyes, opening unexpected hope in those you encounter, showing a simple way to self-knowing in this era of fakery and self-deception. The path of Chiron in Aries is to embody the true leader as warrior of the heart. For the five month period beginning 9/26/18 through early 2019, Chiron’s return to Pisces will allow the Centauric Commander in all of us to retreat back into the depths for some deep spiritual healing.

Your Generals on this march are the tender-hearted Centaurs and Nymphs of Chiron’s clan. Firstly, Chariklo offers the salve to our world-weary souls, now in your Centauric 10th house: she leads the charge, spritzing healing waters from her hand cannon of grace. This is a fortunate and practical ally for the mission ahead—call upon her skilful spinning to weave webs of enchantment in the hearts of your ‘enemy’: those who have chosen to cover over their tenderness with scars of self-protection. There is another way, and Chariklo feels it.

For insight and prescience, their daughter Okyrhoe is prime Intelligence Officer of the Centaur Army. In your active house of social communion, she opens windows into the future of receiving. From the healing championed by her parents, her prismatic lens grants boons of vision for those who wish to see the best way ahead for the collective.

For those who accept their Arian Chiron mission, friend Pholus is there to feed you ambrosia, in this case the nectar of wisdom: sipping from his flask may give you ancestral insight into your most unique path to the bliss of an opened mind.

These blessings will be needed for resolve, as the final challenge on this Arian quest is to meet your own eyes in the mirror of Nessus, here reflecting light from your darkest shadows. He comes in peace, and wishes you self-knowing that permits greater intimacy with those you seek to love and help in times ahead.

Examples: Jack Kerouac, Kurt Vonnegut, Michelangelo, Margaret Thatcher, CG Jung, Kepler


For those with a natal Chiron in the sign of Taurus, your inner guide is experiencing a deep swim through the subconscious realms before his eventual re-emergence down the way. These years of Chiron in Fire may burn through excess baggage you didn’t know you were carrying, if you attune to the messages of this trusted mage and allow him to blaze a trail through your inner labyrinths. For the five month period beginning 9/26/18 through early 2019, Chiron’s return to Pisces will allow the Centauric Commander in all of us to retreat back into the depths for some deep spiritual healing.

His consort Chariklo is placed in her most inspiring position in your heavens, channeling blissful insights to help his healing work. The Centaur couple cooperate at these placements to open new streams of elixir that may be welcomed into our physical flow, accelerating healing integration.

For a brief spell, the Centaurs’ friend Pholus finds respite in the sign of the Centaur, which for the Taurean Chiron natives invites the question: how is this journey a shared one? What ideas do you have to offer others that can hasten their own process of understanding? The wine of Pholus’ cup here grants shared experience of transcendence, when drunk responsibly.

And in those moments of reverie beyond self, Okyrhoe (now in the realm of the South Node) focuses her razor wit into the public sphere: you, O Taurean One, might find yourself spouting truths in the marketplace you didn’t know you had in you. Yet trust that the girl Centaur has words to educate even the jaded Mentor. These messages may be profound, listen well as you speak!

The mirror wielded by Nessus is not always flattering, yet these days we can count on him to show us what illusions / delusions can be safely let go, so that we may find ourselves more easily afloat in Neptune’s seas. For you, Taurean Chiron, this may reveal ways you have acted less than awesomely in past groups, and by owning up to that you can allow a realignment with ways of receiving love once again.

Examples: Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King Jr, Ram Dass, Fidel Castro, Hugh Hefner

Chi Gemini

Chiron in Gemini

For you, the mentor appears through the Word. With the Centaur moving through your social sphere, he’ll be happy expressing his outgoing nature to the people around him. If you’re feeling like you have wisdom to share, you probably won’t be shy playing the therapist-mentor-guru role to your friends. If you are feeling less advanced on your path, then let your inner Chiron receive healing wisdom from the good people you surround yourself with in these months. Either way, pay attention to the written and spoken words around you, as well as the inner guidance you might hear within. For the five month period beginning 9/26/18 through early 2019, Chiron’s return to Pisces will allow the Centauric Commander in all of us to retreat back into the depths for some deep spiritual healing: for you, this may give you the chance to speak your insights out in public.

Speaking of relating, your inner mage is lit up by powerful dreams and omens inspired by those characters who are closest at hand. Potent symbols will be gleaned from the pictures on your walls and faces in your mirrors and windows. With Pholus in your Chironic 7th house, everything around you will have the glow of mystery. Enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to ask what they mean.

Once an omen is engaged, you might find its aura to be unusually palpable now. With Chariklo in your Centauric 8th, the energetic aspect of visionary phenomena is yours to revel in: dreams may bring bliss. Continuing this juicy trend, with daughter Okyrhoe in your Centauric house of higher mind, the words spoken by dream characters really can have the authority of religious truth. As usual, the message of Nessus is not always pretty, but helpful: as it transits your most public sector, don’t be surprised if you are asked to apply all of this new information to bettering those in power, and polishing your own public reflection while you’re at it.

Examples: Elvis Presley, Jane Fonda, Werner Heisenberg

Chir Cancer Chiron in Cancer 

Chiron moves swiftly through this part of the zodiac, spending about two years in the sign of the Crab (most recently through much of 1988-1991, and also 1940-41). Meaning, you are of a rare breed. With the lead Centaur moving through your metaphorical Tenth house, this is year of stepping up to the plate and leading by nurturing. Displaying your own vulnerable self, when ready, can allow others to step into their own sacred hearts, too. For the five month period beginning 9/26/18 through early 2019, Chiron’s return to Pisces will allow the Centauric Commander in all of us to retreat back into the depths for some deep spiritual healing. For you, this might prompt you to write about what you have been feeling, again as a way to benefit others on their way.

Likewise, the most maternal of Centaurs, Chariklo, transits your house of relating. This is a strong place for the Medicine Woman to work her magic as Centaur’s Consort, helping you transform your perceptions of where you stop and another begins, learning to move energetically through relationships. Highest growth potential here is in sacred sexuality, whether by relating to another or within your own sacred dimension.

Okyrhoe, the centaurs’ love-child, is primed to whisper someone’s deepest secrets. From her perch in your centauric 8th, she may be a powerful muse in the dreamtime, bringing up deeply seated content relating to your sense of mortality. This may include information about anyone you share energy with, whether intimate relations, guides, or family connections.

Pholus is at your service, offering his goblet of dream nectar to your lips at the climax of your quest. Sounds sensual? How else do you describe union with the divine? Turn toward Pholus in his cave and you may be rewarded, oh sensitive Centaur-Cancerian! Now is the time to heal your wounds of caring too much for too many others and not yourself, ever. Some times are yours. Drink up.

As ever, Nessus lurks in the background, ominously only for the parts of us that are too stubborn to grow. If you are ready and willing, he is able to help you update moral contracts with yourself and others. When you speak from your noble centaur-self, he listens. Thanks for being you, Chiron-Cancerian, and keep on loving.

Examples: Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Joan Baez, Marc Edmund Jones

Chiron LeoChiron in Leo (1941-1943, 1991-1993) reflects our learning how to become ourselves, wisely. For most earthlings today, this is a primal wound. Either we are told to “be someone”, or we are told we don’t even really exist. Which is it? For you rare folks born with the Centaur in the Lion’s realm, this paradox is yours to solve. When the guard at the bridge barks “What…is your quest?” you unique ones have the power to stare him back and ask, “What… is yours?” For you will learn to wield the human ego like a sharp knife, eventually understanding why we must incarnate into selfhood only to transcend it. For Chiron’s travels into Aries and back into Pisces through 2018-2019, your journey of self will bring you up to that cliff’s edge, face to face with the guardian, ready to debate the most profound questions. His responses might shock you well enough so that during the five month period beginning 9/26/18 through early 2019, Chiron’s return to Pisces can allow your philosophical ego some time to ruminate in the truths beyond yourself. Then, it will be back for more tête-à-tête with the guard, and further steps to make on your quest for clarity.

Your companion on this quest is the ever-faithful Chariklo, who, in your Centauric Sixth house is here to serve. This is humble medicine for Leonine lessons: how can she give of herself so completely, and yet remain so completely full of her own divine elixir? Listen well and allow yourself to merge into her healing energy, overcoming notions of self and other in a sea of bliss.

With Okyrhoe in your Seventh House, your mind will be ensconced in this question: who am I, in relation to you? Your interlocuters this year will hold the magic mirror in hand: gazing into the eyes of the other will offer the only oracle you need. The reward level is set to high this year for the Centauric Adventurers like you, with Pholus transiting your Fifth. When you are able to relinquish your hard edges of self, merging with an other in any kind of love, Pholus is there with his glass of the good stuff. Romance has higher stakes, with great potential for soul connections in the Centaur’s realm. Supporting this process is Nessus, whose reflections of the dark appear in your house of transformation through interplay: can we see any more consistent theme than for you Chironic Leos? Play nicely this year, and all your knots may be unravelled into love.

Examples: JRR Tolkien, Lennon & McCartney & Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bruce Lee

Chiron in VirgoChiron in Virgo

For those of you born with the Centaur in the sign of the Virgin (between 1943-1944 or 1993-1995), you have a natural affinity with Chiron: some dare say this new planet even rules or is exalted in Virgo. We don’t need to shake up the existing harmony of the zodiac to allow this affinity to settle in: with Chiron in Virgo, sign of earth mixing with mind, his healing hands surely touch friendly ground. For you, healing is tactile and thoughtful, and you want your mentors to be  earthy types who have the ingenuity to create beauty from the materials at hand.

Chiron has moved from a face-to-face opposition in your Centauric Seventh into the next place, and now back again: during the five month period beginning 9/26/18 through early 2019, Chiron’s return to Pisces can be a challenging return to foreign ground. Or water, rather. How is it that your people see the world just so differently than you do? This is the wrap-up to the personal crisis you felt in the last few years, that may have had some respite in recent months. This spring, you can trot off to wider pastures with Chiron in your Eighth of transpersonal relations and apply your new wisdom to the biggest questions: what does it mean to be a person who takes birth and eventually dies? What is the meaning of this one precious life, one bead of a continuous chain? Find the answer in the cycles of life you can see down in the soil.

With Chariklo in your centauric 5th, not all is earthly: the ethereal is right at hand, too and can be found through having some fun with the right people. Maybe those angelic beings who appear in your life ever-so-briefly, who sprinkle a little joy and even bliss before they leave, can teach us as important truths as those we spend a lifetime with.

This year brings with it some work, in Okyrhoe’s sphere of truth that is yours to speak even against some force of opposition. Where can you open your mouth and let visionary truth birds fly free? This may be your task in order to move along your path.

For you Virgoans, Chiron’s brethren Pholus and Nessus fill out your mutable half-square for the remainder of the year. If you can settle your mind amid the change, Pholus can teach you about deeply set ancestral patterns and offer his special medicine to treat these. Nessus, briefly coexisting with Chiron for his return to Pisces, opens a rare turn of events that can help clarify any destructive relational tendencies you might be working with. Just don’t think too much about it, and let go into Pisces’ boundless sea, if you can bear to test the waters.

Examples: Angela Davis, Meher Baba, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Friedrich Nietzsche

Chi LibraChiron in Libra

(1945-46, 1995-1997)

The majority of our recent crop of Centaur Librans were born with Chiron sharing space with the lunar North Node. This activates the role of Chiron in their journey, especially for those born late ’96 with Chiron at its conjunction with the Node. Here the two most questing symbols of a chart are merged: the journey is goal. The goal: a major transformation of (in this case) social consciousness.  For you, there is both a need to find love and a wound around opening up to it. Lives spent in the Arian mode have led to isolation: a lonely hero atop a hill.

So for the Centauric Libran today, with Chiron transiting Aries – and thus your Centauric Seventh (from April-Sept ’18 and then again after spring ’19’s return to Pisces) – there is a nostalgic trip made back to that mountaintop. Memories of lives spent in victorious solitude bleed into knowing that this time around, we can learn to maintain our identity in the mess of relating. At least, this is what Chiron is trying to show you. For the five months of Chiron’s Piscean return (9/18-2/19) allow the last moments providing an awkward sense of losing yourself to the void to re-inform your heroic journey through the rest of 2019 and beyond. Moments outside of self, remind you of yourself.

Chariklo flows her healing waters through your deep Fourth House: allow the cord that connects you to Earth to accept this energetic irrigation. A clean new root system awaits: all that is needed is a welcoming sense of letting-go for Chariklo to reshape your subtle contacts to etheric earth. Big things are afoot for the following years, when Saturn and Pluto meet in this same house. A stronger sense of balance is just what you need for the journey ahead.

Okyrhoe, the Centaurs’ Daughter, alights through your pleasant zone of delight: the messages are good, ecstatic even. Your guides might even show up right in the middle of ‘the act’, whispering sweet nothings just when it counts. Enjoy the story, for she might provide the missing pages. On a related note, Pholus transiting your third brings potent messages in the outlines of words, the margins of pages, and the space between the spoken.

Nessus the shadow-mirror at this time works to reveal the stuck bits, which, once accepted, can allow the rest of the healing show to get on the road. The ‘road’ being your life path, and at the inner level, your body’s energetic pathways. Cleansing any lingering pictures of past hurts and unsavory self-elements will provide surprising progress on your Libran way.

Examples: Annie Besant, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, President Trump, Dan Millman, F Scott Fitzgerald

Chir Scorp

Chiron in Scorpio

(1947-1948, 1997-1998)

Chiron in Scorpio natives are learning how to heal and work with their energy in an ultimately transcendent manner. By digging deep below the surface of habitual patterns, you can learn to transform emotions into pure potential. The art of yogic sublimation is one of Chiron’s most profound teachings available to natives of this sign.

With Chiron transiting your Centauric house of Service in early 2018 and mid 2019, healing may be experienced by means of offering yourself to any cause or group you deem worthy of such sacrifice. Yet, Chiron’s return to Pisces (October-February) brings you a refresher in the art of enjoying yourself (also for the greater good). Use this time to reflect on that boundary between self and other and how it can feel to lose yourself in something amazing. Keep that in mind for later when Chiron returns to Aries and you can thrust deeper into being of service for the greatest purpose.

Pholus’ return to the Centaur’s home in Sagittarius (through second half of 2018) yields potential wealth of an inner kind for you, Scorpio. This might be the spark you need to get the fires of inner power burning. Drink responsibly from his goblet, and Pholus will be a trusted ally this year.

Nymph Chariklo is another watery ally for you, water-sign Centaurs. She digs you, she understands you. When approached in the right way, she will help you. Luckily, she is in your Chironic 3rd, so elevated communication is expected. If Chariklo is approached with that dark humility of yours, you can expect torrents of help to rain from above. On a similar wavelength, aid might come to you from whispers of ancestors, especially those from your maternal lineage, via Okyrhoe the Oracle. (She has a special love for you, since you born during the years of her astronomical discovery). You love secrets, Scorpio: now is the time to parlay them (probably deep ones from family past that bubble up this year) into wisdom for yourself. Yet with this knowledge we must stay humble. Nessus asks you to consider whether a part of them is reflected in you? Use the inner power of the upward flow to move that energy out of its lower-spectrum manifestations into the more expansive uses: from passion into compassion. The Centaurs will bless you!

Example: David Bowie, Elton John, Prince Charles, OJ Simpson, Amelia Earhart, Uri Geller

Chiron in SagChiron in Sagittarius

(1948-51, 1999-2001)

You children of the Millennium were born with not only Chiron standing in his home Centauric turf, but with Chariklo aligned to the North lunar Node in Leo (mid 1999). These evolutionary tendencies were magnified by the Chiron-Pluto conjunction in 2000. In fact, the whole “Y2K” thing your parents might have told you about, when everyone was afraid of technological collapse on New Year’s Eve 2000, can be described by that conjunction of Pluto (Death) with Chiron (innovation including technology). Even though such crisis was averted, it heralded the New Millennium that you were born into: a new epoch. What a world you have known, brave millennial volunteers. What advice might Chiron have for you?

Firstly, you are encouraged to have high expectations of any teachers and mentors. This world can not be run by the ways of old. You are here to establish the new. See through the basic dichotomies you may have inherited such as capitalist vs. communist, black vs white, democrat vs republican, science vs spirituality, body vs mind. What is the world like when viewed without these blinders? You know; your quest is to retain the clear vision you were born with in a world hell-bent on tarnishing your lenses. The Centaur in Sagittarius knows, and is here to teach.

The year 2000 included a Centaur family Grand Fire Trine of Chiron in Sagittarius, Okyrhoe in Aries, and Chariklo in Leo. Somehow fitting that the cohort of Prometheus (giver of Fire) breathed through that element at the turn of the millennium. Even if humanity has failed to make much obvious change to our ways from the year 2000, through the 2012 portal, into the third decade of the century, still our potential to make drastic collective changes increases with our interconnection. What is now seen as at best entertainment or at worst a hindrance to clear understanding, may hopefully be looked back upon as an infancy of the great noosphere of knowledge made possible by technology.

These days, Chiron in Aries approaches a trine to your natal placement. Once he returns from a retrograde spell in Pisces in early 2019, you will experience a renewal of the inspiration on your quest. Not only is this a positive aspect to your natal Chiron, but during this time he will transit your natal Okyrhoe too. When this occurs you can expect a special kind of teacher to show up: the kind who will amplify your own voice and ask you to speak what is true. Creativity will be in order: please don’t hold back, we have so much to learn from you.

You are a group of people kindred with the centaurs, for not only the Sagittarian sign, but the fact that Chariklo was at the lunar North Node: her energy is part of your destiny. Now she transits the second house from your Chiron, so you will have an inside asset rooting for you in your corner. You may find that what you have to offer others is not tangible, but is nonetheless valuable.

Okyrhoe the communicator makes a splendid aspect to your Chiron in the third house, ready to inspire you with the best words. Further, she opposes your birth Chariklo. Something special comes to a head in your life which must be expressed beyond the vocabulary of your parents’ generation. The concepts might be out-there, but demand manifestation in our world, somehow.

For the rest of 2018 when Pholus is in the Centaur’s sign (and the sign of your Centaur!), you are inundated with powerful astral influences. Drink these in before he moves into Capricorn, where he is headed for a serious confab with the heavyweight Saturn, Pluto and Chariklo (2020 stuff). Pholus in your First is a pit-stop on the journey, a way-station stocked with psychedelic fountains that dose you with visions of what comes next. As always, the possibility of a bad trip looms. Ask Nessus, in your 4th–squaring your Chiron– to help navigate the shadow realms that demand subconscious clearing before the journey can move forward at its highest potential.

Examples: Brigham Young, Fermi, Alfred Hitchcock, Ernest Hemingway

Chi Capricorn

Chiron in Capricorn

(1951-4, 2002-5)

Kairoscopes: Well, dear Chironic Cappys, my neglect of you in 2018 leads us to a clearer report for 2019, since now we are safely in the Cardinal Sign zones for Chiron, Pholus, and Chariklo for some time ahead.

Transiting your Centauric First House, Chariklo, Pluto, and Pholus are guests who have come to stay and linger… yet like the best houseguests they bring gifts. Sip from Pholus’ medicinal flask to gain strength for the next leg. (Pholus stays here by sign for twenty more years! Best get to know him soon- for help, check out the Centaur attunement offered here).

Meanwhile Pluto’s long sojourn to your Chiron sign (timing dependent on your natal placement’s degree) can bring up a life’s worth of “material” shall we say, to process. Chiron-in-Capricorns truly are in it to clear their souls of ‘the sins of the father,’ so to speak: ancestral healing is the reason for being here. With all these planets on your side this year, there has never been a more fruitful time for getting down to it. Enlist the help of all your favorite medicine-folk, please. Whatever you call it: shamanism, epigenetics, Jungian analysis, Reichian therapy, jungle plant medicine… call in your guides and just do it. (Again, we are here to help you).

What may have felt like it could break you gains a chance for redemption as Chariklo also conjoins Pluto in the sky this year. Imagine: a freshly carved-out hillside cave that is all your own (courtesy Pluto); see that it gets a special delivery of plush furniture. The Lady Centaur wants you to luxuriate despite the darkness around you.

When these planets meet Saturn, and then Jupiter, next year, a major reset is in the cards; familiarizing yourself with your highest graces now, positions you as someone who can set the trends of light in the soon-to-be now.

Chiron the sentry stands guard in your fourth–in other words, a Chiron Square: the struggle is real. Know that this is the hard work that may bring you real wisdom ahead. A lot will depend on how your natal Mars and Saturn are working, as they rule these key signs. Ask your local astrologer for guidance!

Okyrhoe in your second opens the chance to capitalize on your vision. How cool is that? Open that third eye wide and write/ draw/ dance/ sing/ create what you see for all to benefit.

Nessus in your Centauric 12th, along with the big Pluto stuff underway, promises high stakes for bold risks toward inner growth. Literal depth psychology or something inspired by it can be just the thing the Centaur ordered. However you speak to the Deep, call it up and stay on the line.

Examples: Ammachi Amritanandamayi, Emperor Hirohito, Joseph Smith, Patty Hearst, Oscar Wilde

Chi Aquarius

Chiron in Aquarius

(1955-1959, 2005-2011)

Kairoscopes: Well my dear Chironic Aquarians, my neglect of you in 2018 leads to a clearer report for 2019, since we are safely in the Aries/Capricorn zones for Chiron, Pholus and Chariklo here on out.

You with Chiron in Aquarius gain some meaning from the unique blend of this sign’s rulers: Saturn and Uranus share influence in this sign. These planets also mark the boundary between inner/outer that defines the Centaurs’ travels. So the Centaurs can be especially pertinent to the Aquarian quest as you let go of rules and plumb what lies beyond.

With Okyrhoe transiting your Centauric First, the gushing waters of prophecy, in the form of dreams, omens and intuitions, are flowing through your gates. Open wide and accept the inspiration! These impressions are the blueprints to a treasure map you didn’t know you had.

Nessus in your house of value begs maturity in your transactions: this step on your way indicates how profit may come to you through greater honesty. It may take a Herculean effort, but throwing any dirty laundry onto the funeral pyre, so to speak, offers great chances of purification.

Chiron in Aries moves toward a balanced point in his 50-year cycle through your life: the Chiron sextile. Take advantage of this support: these seven years offer a time of renewed learning where the leaders you meet present crucial insight to find your way. Take that wisdom to-go!

The preeminent stellium of the year holds space in your centauric 12th: Pholus, Chariklo, and Pluto (to be joined by Saturn next year) bring a dynamic powder keg of evolution to your deepest depths. Said differently, be prepared to roll with the changes as support structures shift below your feet: rather than being haunted, in this case, the subterranean level is full of blessings. Learn to call in Chariklo’s healing waters and be inspired for what lies ahead.

Sigmund Freud, Albert Hofmann, Nikola Tesla, Abraham Lincoln, George Bernard Shaw

Chi Pisc

Chiron in Pisces

(1960-1968, 2011-2018)

Kairoscopes: Well my dear Chironic Fishies, my neglect of you in 2018 leads to a clearer report for 2019, since we are safely in the Aries/Capricorn zones for Chiron, Pholus and Chariklo here on out.

You are of the age group a. has just completed Chiron return, or b. is too young to read this! The main thing for you is this: Chiron has passed GO, and now you collect $200!

Oh, if only Centauric initiation process was so simple. Actually, to be honest, they despise what we’ve done with the money system. Capitalism is sooo pre-discovery-of-Neptune, don’t you think?

But seriously, congratulations: you have made it through your main Chiron initiation in this lifetime. You have learned the Chiron in Pisces story arc in depth and in person.Whatever has happened, is now grist for the mill. The purpose of this sometimes anguished adventure is to allow you to arise as a compassionate, sympathetic, human leader. Lead in whatever capacity is right for you, according to the rest of your natal chart: some lead by storming the gates, some lead by writing it all down, and some lead by closing their mouth long enough to find the right word to say, one day.

Now that Chiron is in Aries, dear Piscean dreamer, we must somehow do the thing. The thing Chiron dreamed in you for the last seven years, he wants you to bring about, on earth, now, please. It ain’t easy. It never is. Hey, at least you didn’t get your liver pecked out by a giant eagle, daily for 900 years.

With Okyrhoe in your 12th, the dreams keep flowing, this time as guidance for the journey ahead that was seeded by the instructions given in the last phase. Listen to her strong waters to gain buoyancy: dream, write, envision, hear the voices of ancestors and past/parallel selves.

Nessus traveling across your Chiron in Pisces (depending on where your specific placement is in Nessus’ 12+ year Piscean journey ahead) can provide true awakenings with regard to your Chiron picture. Maturity is in store: this is the next major lesson since your Chiron return. Rather than provoking a conflict, this transit may serve to show you how far you’ve come. Don’t turn solely to his myth for guidance though: he has also come a long way since we last read him in history. Nessus is truly a guide to personal redemption.

Support comes from the strong Capricorn stellium of Saturn, Pluto & Pholus and Chariklo in your Centauric 11th: while the Saturn-Pluto change is inevitable, and it’s all around us, letting go of certain institutions, memberships, and allegiances from the past allow us to create new space. Chariklo and Pholus when called upon, grant tangible spiritual change to work with within the new spaces. What does this mean for you? Look to those around you as sources of insight, even though they may rub you the wrong way. With this changed perspective gain guidance, and divinatory wisdom, and even true bliss.

Jim Carrey, Jacques Cousteau, John F. Kennedy & Nixon & Ford, Marx & Engels, L Ron Hubbard