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The Centaur Space’s Astro-healing Services include both astrological and energetic techniques for insight and healing! Astrological counseling is available in Western Massachusetts.

Centauric Healing can clear the subtle body in accordance with your natal planetary patterning. This may be accomplished during one session, or over the course of a series of readings together. This is a co-creative process with the Centaur guides.

In addition to leading Centaur Attunement events for individuals and groups, I am an evolutionary astrologer. This means I identify signatures in your birth chart that can help you find your path in life. I have practiced meditation and energy healing for much of my life, and have devoted myself to astrology for the past nine years—ever since going through a transformative event. I gained insight into this initiatory moment by looking through the lens of the planets in the sky (especially the Centaurs). Contact for a natal reading to explore how these new planets are active in your birth chart and in your life! Once we fly past Saturn and take a cosmic ride in the Centaur’s saddle past Neptune, we may anchor that energy back here on earth by means of a Centaur Attunement. The Centaurs are here now, and are available when we invoke them.

I was recently featured on Kosmic Tonic- season 2 ep.8!



1. My recent Asheville Friends of Astrology Lecture is now available as an edited presentation on the astrological Centaurs and their cycles, especially regarding their transits in 2020-2022. Serves as an introduction to the Centaurs, their myths, orbital characteristics, and use in mundane astrology. Learn about Chiron, Chariklo, Pholus, Okyrhoe, Nessus and Asbolus: $15, 70 min. [I did not discuss the Chiron-Pholus square as much as anticipated, which you can read about in my article here]

Link to video (to stream or download) and PDF will be emailed to you upon receipt.

2. I recorded a class on the Davison Relationship Chart featuring Centaurs, which you can order for $11 – includes chart files and notes. This is an intermediate level astrology class. We discuss why astrologers use Davison Relationship Charts to calculate a real-world “composite” chart for two people. This chart can show relationship dynamics between all kinds of relations: professional, inspirational, romantic. In this 45 minute lecture we discuss how to cast these charts, and interpret them in the lives of Lennon & McCartney, Freud & Jung, Ginsberg & Blake, and the channelers of A Course in Miracles. Then we apply the same technique as a tool for exploring visionary experiences, using the case studies of Allen Ginsberg, and Dr. Albert Hofmann’s discovery of LSD.

(A password will be sent upon payment to access the page where you can listen to the audio file and download the PDF. Once you have the password the lecture page is here.)

Check out my Centaur episode on Sabrina Monarch’s Magic of the Spheres Podcast!

“Get a reading from David and it will aid in navigating your inner world during these trying times of our shared outer world.”

Michelle, Northampton MA

My recent healing session with David was lovely. I felt a deep release of a burden that I had unknowingly buried inside. I felt so free after this energy healing, and I am becoming more of my true self with each healing session. I am able to love my family and friends more deeply than … Continue reading Monica, Asheville NC

Monica, Asheville NC

“When I first met David, I didn’t think much of this ‘astrology stuff’. I challenged him to impress me. Impress me he did. There is something mysterious and deep about astrology that David seems to have a direct line into. His sensitivity, descriptive clarity, and openness to hearing me reminds me of skilled therapists I … Continue reading Nick, San Francisco CA

Nick, San Francisco CA

“As David intuitively gives an astrological reading, it is as if aspects of my personality suddenly seem to make sense… and every subsequent reading is like an unfolding of new layers of yourself.”

Ayumi, Berkeley CA

I had a most amazing session yesterday with David, a brilliant guy who reads the Centaurs in your birth chart. He really got at so much of my story. It was very moving and inspirational. I highly, highly recommend!

Stephanie – the Cosmos

“If you are looking for a great reading, please check out David’s work! Best reading I have ever had, hands down. Especially if you are drawn to the Centaurs. Everything he said resonated deeply, and validated my experience and plans for the future.”

K. in MI

“David gave me the best reading ever and I 1000% recommend him if you are curious about how the Centaurs are working in your chart! Also he’s hilarious and it was just a ton of fun to chat with him.”

S.S. in CA

“An amazing experience, I felt connected to an energy I never tapped into before! My intuition is higher ever since!” – R. in Kuwait “Thank you for yesterday’s attunement, it was really beautiful. The energy was extremely beautiful, total, integral, I am still feeling it.” – C. in Paris “My experience these last couple of … Continue reading Attunement Participants

Attunement Participants

“Soon after receiving the talisman, I was given very clear instructions on how to use it, complete with resources from my own life that I could call upon to experience the vibration of loving-kindness Chariklo seeks to evoke! The next day I carried the talisman to my massage therapist. I again received fairly specific instructions … Continue reading Amulet Testimonials

Amulet Testimonials


I’ve written an article about the Centaur transits of 2020, titled “Crafting a Future with the Centaurs’ Cosmic Sandpaper” in the OPA’s Career Astrologer Winter Solstice edition, which you can read here.

It is also now featured on astro.com! Read the article on Chiron & Pholus at: https://www.astro.com/astrology/opa_article200219_e.htm

An article I’ve written about trans-Neptunian planet Borasisi was published by the Association for Young Astrologers in their journal, The Ascendant, Vol. II. This cutting-edge journal is beautifully designed and richly illustrated, featuring twelve original works of scholarship and insight!


5/21: Lecture, Asheville Friends of Astrology: Centaur Cycles in 2020-2021

5/19: Lecture, Asheville Friends of Astrology: “Lifecycle Patterns: Saturn & the Centaurs”

2/19: Lecture, Asheville Friends of Astrology: “Astrology of Astrologers”

7/18: Lecture, Asheville Friends of Astrology: “Astrology of Genius”

1/18: Lecture, Asheville Friends of Astrology: “Spelunking the Chironian: Chiron in the Birthchart”

10/17: Lecture, Asheville Friends of Astrology: “Centaurs in the Bardo: An Astrology of the In-between”

11/16: Guest lecture, The Celestial Sphere, Course in Religion at Vassar College: “The Centaurs: New Planetary Links between Self & Transcendence”