Rosy Graces & Piscean Dreams Talismanic Series

Stamped Trident of Poseidon

Pisces Season 2022 is a unique and powerful moment. Both Jupiter and Neptune transit the sign which they co-rule (heading to their conjunction in April), and they are joined by Centaurs and asteroids including Okyrhoe, Nessus, and Urania. The Sun thus shines its beacon upon each of these during its course through the final zodiacal sign.

Preparations for this two-fold series began with the Pisces New Moon conjunct Jupiter, and concluded with the Neptune Cazimi (when the Sun amplified Neptune’s distant rays by an exact conjunction). Talismans were made for Neptune in Pisces (Piscean Dreams), and for the Compassionate Divine Mother in the form of Mary, the Immaculate Conception (Rosy Graces).

The talismanic image to be used for the Rosy series was cast on the Pisces New Moon (Lunar Cazimi conjunct Jupiter). The pink spectrum of clay was mixed as Neptune set that evening. Earlier, as the waxing Moon conjoined Jupiter, in the hour of Jupiter, clear water was collected from a local stream. This was mixed with sea salt (hand harvested by a dear Centaur friend and energy healer, from the Dead Sea) the next morning as Moon and Neptune rose together (in the hour of Jupiter), translating the light from one Lord to the next. The specially created “seawater” was mixed with blue and black ink with the Taurus Moon sextiling Neptune.

March 12 (Neptune cazimi day) also provided a classic Jupiterian election, with the Cancer Moon casting a trine on the domiciled star of Zeus. This was my opportunity to mix the stormy-sea colored clay and shape them to their pendants; the Star of Poseidon (planet Neptune) also crested the Midheaven in the course of this aspect.

Stones in Snow

Fortuitously, in the hour of the Moon, with waxing Moon rising in Cancer, trine Jupiter, a magical snowfall happened to grace the proceedings outside – a perfect baptismal moment for the sea-green Amazonite rocks to be offered to Neptune. Later the collected snow-melt was used to wet each piece of clay in the Mary series before making the impression of Her visitation at Lourdes.

We all know our Solar Returns and the return of Saturn; much rarer is the Neptune Return. Such a long period of time is reserved for more venerable entities like nations, and maybe the occasional tortoise or aquatic creature. Meting out 165 years along its sidereal course, the Neptune Return happens tropically (along the zodiac of signs) a little quicker, due to precession. When Saint Bernadette received her sixteen visions of Mother Mary as the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes in February-March 1858, Neptune was at 22°-23° Pisces. Thus this month of March 2022 marks the Neptune Return of Lourdes and its ever-healing spring waters. As planet of spirit, waters, and divine ecstasy, Neptune’s return to such a miraculous event is highly significant. In researching the mythos of Poseidon, I found that it was his trident that caused springs to flow, too. Usually translated as “Husband of the Earth” or “Earth-shaker”, in Mycenean Greek, the Sea God’s name as Po-sei-da-wo-ne could mean “Master of Waters”.

The degree of Solar-Neptune conjunction at 23° Pisces is symbolized in the Pleiadian series (by John Sandbach) as “At a seance, the room fills with the scent of roses and a consoling female voice.”

Between 11:37pm–12:15AM March 12–13 in Western Massachusetts, the Moon began to trine Neptune and Sun at the start of their Cazimi (within 17 arc minutes). Thus both Luminaries conspired to draw down Poseidon’s distant blessings. With Sagittarius rising, this night-time election was protected by Jupiter in his domicile. An opportunity to create the Lourdes-inspired Talismans, cast from a vintage medal of the holy scene at Massabielle. As preparation for this pursuit, I received the sound and blessing transmission of the Ave Maria prayer from a devoted practitioner of the rosary. I also relied on the ecclesiastical text provided by Catherine of BeCatherined. In the hours prior to the talismanic workings, I prayed to Mother Mary in Latin and English, invoked the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, and invoked Neptune (my own poem) and Poseidon (Homeric), sealing these with the Prayer of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes.

Poseidon Paper Talisman

Following that was a window of time for Poseidon’s ancient name of Po-Sei-Da-Wo-Ne to be inscribed in cryptic Linear B letters, with Neptune-Sun still near to the chthonic Immum Coeli, the Midnight root of the chart from which ancestral graces spring.

The following morning, the syzygy or conjunction of the Sun with Neptune reached its crescendo as the two giants, visible and invisible, rose at my location. The Cancer Moon had just passed a perfect trine, in the Fifth House. (This luminary, though lending a blissful quality to the election, is not a magical requirement for a Cazimi, in which a conjunction at an angle is sufficient). At the Cazimi’s ascension, invoking Poseidon once again, the talismanic materia was suffumigated with specially made “Sea Mist” incense (by WanderingCandle when Jupiter entered Pisces). Silver emblems of Pisces’s glyph were placed within the clay of Neptune, creating our first Neptune in Pisces talismans. Then, within the same few minutes, the election concluded with stamping the paper talismans with Poseidon’s Trident in the magically prepared ink. The clay for both series was fired within the remaining hours of Neptune’s cazimi as well, concluding the entire procedure.

Neptune Election


7:12 AM Amherst MA

Neptune Pendant Talismans: Only 7 available, each featuring unique swirls of dark and stormy seas inset with a shimmering silver-plated Pisces symbol, set in brass. Each pendant comes along with an Amazonite stone blessed in the offering ceremony, and a pinch of Atlantic wild dulse (kelp) that was offered to Neptune, and a paper talisman of Poseidon. For attuning oneself with the highest compassionate energies in the Solar system.

Neptune Talismanic Pendant with paper, stone, and dulse offering set: $100 (includes domestic US ship)

Rosy Grace, solo amulet (5 available): a pink “egg” of the Immaculate Conception and St. Bernadette, with Neptune’s insignia on reverse, $35 (shipped).

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