Centaurus Talismans

Introducing new Chiron talismans with a twist: Constellation Centaurus, the cosmic abode of our healing Centaur. Only 3 left!

3 Centaurus Talisman “stones” remaining

Available: “Palm stones” and teardrop Pendants. All were made from the same swirling clay blend at the same astrological election and with the Chiron impression. The main significator, the constellation Centaurus – with its midpoint centered around the fixed star Menkent – was rising on the ecliptic as the Moon applied to a sextile from Virgo in the 11th House of Good Fortune (August 10, 2021 1:10PM EDT, MA). Rules for this kind of talisman are actually rather simple, with the position of the central star itself being the only criterion needed to call in the celestial spirit into the material. In this case the Moon was not only making a supportive aspect to the stars of Centaurus, it was also applying to a benefic (Venus); while their ruler (Mercury) is doing that as well (to Jupiter). Another reason to create this Centaur talisman at this time is that the healing centaurs Okyrhoe and Nessus (in mid Pisces all year) cast a positive trine upon these stars and thus also the Ascendant of this chart. Saturn, having retrograded back into first decan Aquarius, also no longer afflicts the Scorpio ascendant, which has passed that square by 3°.

Centaurus election

The image that is indicated for such talismans, in sources like that of Albertus Magnus, is a Centaur holding an offering at an altar. Here we are using our tried and true intagio image of Chiron holding baby Aesclepius. The mold used to create this particular series (as opposed to our other Chiron amulets) was cast in silver when asteroid Asclepius applied to the same stars of Centaurus! (For those who may own any other pieces from the Centaur Space, this also results in this impression being a bit smaller than the others cast from glass).

Constellation Centaurus from the Nujum al Ulum, Persian Encyclopedia of the Sciences (Wellcome MS 373)

The indicated purpose of these talismans is “For Constant Good Health.” While we do not make any medical claims for this or other services and items offered, we can attest that the energy surrounding the creation of these talismans did hold the highest healing energy of Master Healer Chiron. These are completely unique talismans in this regard: while any mage can call in the stars of this constellation, few of us have as close connection with the healing of the centaurs as I am grateful to hold. My sense in working with this constellation is that it is the ‘higher’ or more cosmic form of the Centaur being whose spirit also imbues our local Centaur planet with grace.

The clay that formed these talismans was mixed by my hands on the date of the recent synod (conjunction) of Okyrhoe and Nessus, which trined (then and at this election) the stars of Centaurus.

All talismans in this series are offered for $100, which includes shipping & handling (domestic within the US) and taxes. You can include your preferred style and even specify which one from the image in the contact form below. (I can also choose for you). Thanks so much! (I will then cover the above image of your purchase with an amulet eye!)

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