New Talismanic Art Offering!

Introducing Magic Pixie Dreamer, a very limited edition collaborative offering of talismanic art painted by Abigail Soltis and talismans crafted by me – along with our first magical incense!

As subscribers to the Centaur Space you are getting first access to this beautiful array of devotional magic dedicated to the Muse of Astronomy and Astrology, Urania. The magical occasion happened as Okyrhoe, healing nymph of the Centaur clan, conjoined both Jupiter and asteroid Urania earlier this month. Abigail Soltis created a talismanic painting during the same window of time that I calligraphed the name of Urania in Greek (using the same charmed ink from the Neptune in Pisces series). We printed a small run of these when Jupiter and Neptune conjoined… they came out amazing, and are paired with a new Okyrhoe-Jupiter clay talisman, and Scent of the Muse (an herbal blend of Rosemary, Agrimony, St John’s Wort, and hand-picked Mugwort).

See for yourself at:

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