About Centaur Healing

At the Centaur Space, we offer astrological perspective through readings that incorporate the Centaur planets. Yet, beyond the valuable support provided by an astrological reading – which gives you a time-based overview of your life and all the perspective that can offer – we deliver a unique modality of spiritual healing, too.

With confidence in the helpful presence of the energies we refer to collectively as Centaurs (which include the Nymphs as feminine complements), the purely descriptive information of astrology (definitely healing in its own right) is augmented by an infusion of specific bandwidths of healing energy that correspond to the planets Chiron, Chariklo, Pholus, and Okyrhoe.

To elaborate:

Pholus – earth-dwelling holder of healing ambrosia, this kind Centaur helps us ground into the Earth.
He heals Root center disconnection, and offers ancestral clearing.
Also helps open psychic awareness, aids mantic arts of divination.
(Earth Element)

Chariklo is a lovely nymph Goddess who offers healing of the Sacral center and emotional body.
She is a keeper of Mysteries and bestower of Grace and Ecstatic experiences.
(Water element)

Chiron the Master Healer guides those on a healing path and those who practice the healing arts. Provides knowledge and skill, offers perspective in dreams.
Chiron’s healing improves self esteem, will, empowerment (Solar Plexus center) and can coordinate healing processes.
(Fire Element)

Okyrhoe the Oracle, water Sprite of Vision: her healing is multidimensional, blissful, and opens our Voice center to speaking truth, helping to process ideas and expired thoughtforms. Clairvoyance and inner guidance. Transcends time.
(Air element)

This approach is keeping with the ancient tradition of astral magic, which employs various means of harnessing planetary energy to improve life, both individual and collective. If one has a “Saturn problem”, one can invoke and work with Saturn in a constructive manner. To this day, for example, the astrologers of India work with planets in a devotional approach to help clients upgrade their charts, so to speak. Likewise, a resurgence of interest in traditional planetary magic reminds us that planets are more than symbols on a page or big rocks in the sky.

With modern astrology, equipped with the outer planets and beyond, we have the opportunity to renew our contracts with the planetary energies of our solar system. While the traditional seven planets (the five visible planets plus the Sun and Moon) are fundamental to life on Earth, the newly found bodies that orbit our Sun provide a more complex and nuanced trove of what some might call archetypes. In actuality, though, these archetypes are often mirrors to divinities, such as many of those planets named for Indigenous deities or Greek gods (like Altjira or Chiron).

The most direct way of working with these newly accessible planetary energies is brought together in what we call the Centaur Attunement. You can read more about this healing process here.

Astral Magic and Energy Healing converge in both group and individual settings which let you experience first-hand the readily available and deep healing of the Centaurs. Get in touch to schedule a 1:1 attunement, energy healing or Centaur astrology reading.

Check to see when our next group attunement meets!

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