Amulet Testimonials

“Soon after receiving the talisman, I was given very clear instructions on how to use it, complete with resources from my own life that I could call upon to experience the vibration of loving-kindness Chariklo seeks to evoke!

The next day I carried the talisman to my massage therapist. I again received fairly specific instructions on how to embody and ground the frequency of self-love I’m now associating with Chariklo. The session was much more experiential… I tend to think there were some messages channeled through Chariklo as the session represented some of [his] best work.

This is potent magic and healing, David, and I thank you for bringing it into the world! Like the best astro-magic I’ve worked with, the talisman brought forth potent healing energies by activating, and in this case making articulate and available, the channels for love that were already present in my life… The experience of healing brought just by the talisman’s presence and prompting has been nothing short of transformational!” – S. in OH

“It arrived!! I can feel its energy. As I took the amulet out of the bag I had to breathe with the energy.”

“I have spent a little time with [the Centaur amulet: I feel a softer misty energy that is lovely, also a stronger jubilant presence that is supportive. You are gifted in this [work]!”

“I’ve been having some breakthroughs with the Centaur amulet. It made me feel intense kundalini energy and I’ve had a vision of my work in this world.” 

As with all talismanic magic, your experience will vary; but I receive stories like these quite regularly from those who are called to work with Centaur magic. If you have doubts, I invite you to consult your favorite form of divination; also I am always happy to check your birth chart for talismanic compatibility/emphasis. If you are “feeling drawn” but uncertain, a Centaur attunement is a great way to step a little deeper into their waters.