Dream Archaeology

Curious what the Stars have to say about your Dreams?

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Dig Deeper.

Have you just awakened from a life-altering or transcendent dream? 

Or perhaps you still hear the whispers of a nearly forgotten vision from the past.

Want to learn what omens the Sky held for that event, and maybe even catch that feeling of lightning in a bottle for you to take with you and revisit in contemplation?

…but don’t remember the time (because you were asleep?)

Dig deeper with the new Dream Archaeology Report:

Introducing a unique method of Astrological Interpretation for a single, un-timed Dream Event Date:

{any moment of exalted insight, visionary change of perspective, and/ or invitation to Mystery}

~traditional astrology would require you to know the moment in order to examine the chart~

*Now, by means of Centaur Oracles & Goddess Asteroids,

& the exclusive timing method of Centauric Progressions, Pleiadian Degree Symbols (© John Sandbach),

along with the dominant configurations between these Planets, we can seek the deeper astrological meanings, working with whatever you’ve got:

  • Your own birth Date and time
  • Date of your Peak Experience (as close a date as you can recall, but even the week will work with this method).

{This report is created for you by an actual human being, and is not computer-generated in terms of the points described. All interpretations are made just for you, not copy and pasted.}

Order yours by contacting us to send the details of your dream or vision to be analyzed. You may use this link to make your payment ($25).

Dream Archaeology Reports $25 

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